Global Governance

The Internet That Connects Us–that brings us news, culture, ideas, goods and services–Is Also Increasingly Dividing Us

GWU’s Institute for International Economic Policy has long been involved on Internet foreign and economic policy issues where officials must work with other governments and multiple stakeholders to achieve policy balance.  ( )

We work at the intersection of the Internet, economic growth and trade, and human rights.  We are currently researching government use of malware across borders; and the evolution of U.S. and EU trade and digital rights. Please visit the site and review our publications and conferences.

This summer we are proud to host IGF-USA 2014 at GWU on July 16th, 2014. In the wake of the Snowden revelations digital rights are key concerns for IGF-USA attendees. One panel at IGF-USA will focus on these human rights concerns.

The panel will include:

Scott Busby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor;
Avri Doria, an expert on human rights, ethics and technological change;
Deborah Brown, from the Association for Progressive Communications; a long time internet rights activist;
Alberto Cerda, Professor of Law at the University of Chile and also a Fulbright Commission scholar pursuing a doctoral degree in law at Georgetown University;
Ben Blink of Google’s Free Expression team;
Carolina Rossini of Public Knowledge will moderate

Panelists will address the following and other topics:

-How can U.S. stakeholders help reinforce the continued preeminence of human rights concerns in global Internet governance conversations and meetings?

-How does the U.S. government understand its obligations to protect the human rights of non-Americans in the digital realm?

– Given the dominance of the U.S. government in the realm of global communications surveillance, how can the U.S. role model best practices with respect to protecting human rights in the digital realm?

-Should activists work towards an enforceable system of human rights online?

Dr. Susan Aaronson ( is pleased to answer any questions about IGF-USA 2014 and/or specifically this panel. Follow IIEP on Twitter (@IIEPGW). Follow IGF-USA on Twitter (@IGFUSA2014) and Facebook.


Susan Ariel Aaronson is Research Professor at The George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs and the former Minerva Chair at the National War College. She directs a project funded by the US Army on repression, civil conflict, and leadership tenure. Aaronson also directs a fellowship fund for students working on internet issues, the eBay Policy Scholars, and organizes seminar series on Internet issues. While at GWU, Aaronson has received grants from the MacArthur, Ford, Swiss National Science Foundation and Ford Motor Company for her work on internet freedom and trade, corruption, and business and human rights. Her current research focuses on WTO membership and conflict; repression, civil conflict and socio-economic outcomes; and on how trade agreements affect digital rights and Internet governance.

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